Lisbon to Santa Iria de Azoia

Walking Day 1: 19 kilometers, 4.5 hours

The temperature was comfortably cool when we retraced our steps from the hotel to Cathedral Se. No doors were open, so there was no chance of a passo (stamp). We did find the first Camino guide marks, showing both the blue Fatima and yellow Santiago symbols.

We then proceeded to the River Tejo (Tajo in Spanish, Tagus in English) waterfront. There was one large cruise ship debarking but almost no other activity because of the holiday. The route continued through Parque das Nacoes. There were lots of cyclists, joggers, walkers, families with small children, etc. It was very nice, but it was too early for the eateries to open, so there were no snacks.

Brierley mentions an easy to miss turn after crossing a Tejo tributary. It's true. We missed it, and trudged on roads to our Santa Iria de Azoia hotel.

Walking Day 1 Photos

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