Voice of Music 1432 AM/SW Tuner

The Voice of Music V-M 1432 is a single conversion, 470 KHz IF, four band AM/Shortwave tuner. It covers 522 to 1630 KHz and 2.3 to 27 MHz in AM mode only. The circuit is a 4 tube superheterodyne with 3 tuned circuits on each band. There is a "stick loop" antenna for the AM broadcast band, which is used in combination with an external wire antenna for the shortwave bands. It provides only line level audio output for input to separate audio amplifiers. The tuner is constructed with quality components and has clearly labeled and well organized alignment and test points.

Performance is suprisingly good for this simple but very well constructed radio. The wideband audio is absolutely fabulous on "clear channel" medium and shortwave broadcasts. The honestly advertised sensitivity ranges ranges from 1 to 9 microvolts (depends on band and whether you are at low end or high end of tuning range). Selectivity is quite broad, 7 KHz at 6 dB down, which gives nice sounding audio on strong stations. Image rejection is rated at 55 dB on broadcast and lowest shortwave band (2.3 to 5.4 MHz), 45 dB on shorwave 2 (5.2 to 12.0 MHz), and only 35 dB on shortwave 3 (11.6 to 27 MHz). But what does it really matter if you can hear plenty of stations, and they sound great? They never claimed it was a serious communications receiver or DX machine, but it does what they claim it does very well.

The history, both during its active years and post-bankruptcy, of the V-M Corporation is very interesting. Many of the principals, including founder Victor Miller and the original engineers, are still alive. One of the original factory buildings, filled with prototypes, spare parts, and historical records, was relatively undisturbed for many years after the company went bankrupt. Gary Stork is carrying the torch to record this history and to save the original factory records and spare parts. The stories of radio archeology are fascinating. To get full details, subscribe to his V-M newsletter. Send at least $2 (lots more once you appreciate what Gary's doing to preserve V-M history) to V-M Collector's Voice Newsletter, 37530 E. Meadowhill, Northville MI 48167-8915. Also check out V-M's new website!

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