Vigo to Pontevedra

Walking Day 24: 32 km, 8 hrs

In September 2016, I walked this route as two legs, Vigo to Redondela, then Redondela to Pontevedra. If you have time, do this.

This time we walked straight through, 32 kilometers in very warm (36 degrees Celsius, 97 degrees Fahrenheit) weather. Paul and I each needed to drink 4 liters of water on today’s march. We were at the limit of our endurance when we arrived in Pontevedra.

It was a very vertical day. We left Vigo via Avenida de Galicia, then the very steep Camino Trapa from sea level to more than 200 meters elevation. There were great views of Vigo Bay from that height. The high trail is relatively flat until the descent back to sea level in Redondela. There were two more 160 meter climbs between Redondela and Pontevedra, which is again near sea level.

Vigo to Redondela Photos Redondela to Pontevedra Photos

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