Esposende to Viano do Castelo

Walking Day 19: 27 km, 7 hrs

The Camino heads inland and over steep hills on the way to Viana do Castelo.

The Igreja de Santiago de Castelo de Neiva church with the ninth century inscription was very impressive. Today's pilgrims are following a tradition that is more than 1100 years old in this very place.

On the way down from Castelo de Neiva there is a stone walkway river crossing.

After arriving in Viana do Castelo (a good sized city), we searched high and low, and finally found the Portuguese equivalent of moleskin. Most pharmacies don’t carry it, but the one in the big mall by the train station did. We had been looking for moleskin for 3 days… now Paul had enough to finish the Camino.

Day 19 Photos

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