Albergaria to Sao Joao de Madeira

Walking Day 14: 29 km, 7.5 hrs

This was a long stage, 29+ km by the Brierley book. We have walked more than 330 km since May 1st.

Sao Joao is a famous felt, hat and shoe manufacturing center, and once had the largest factories in all of Portugal. Our digs near the main “square”, Praca Luis Ribeiro, were near many restaurants.

One positive was that we were staying in Sao Joao for 2 nights. On day 15 we walked to the Grijo Monastery (18.5 km) and were transferred back to Sao Joao. On day 16, we transferred back to the Grijo Monastery, then walked the 18.6 km to Porto.

Day 14 Photos

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