Coimbra to Mealhada

Walking Day 11: 24 km, 5.5 hrs

It was enjoyable cool weather for walking, with some light rain except for a brief downpour at the very end of our walk.

There were still lots of Fatima hikers going the opposite way. But there were 9 hikers like us headed to Santiago. Some, like Miriam, we had met before. The others were from Holland, northern Italy, South Africa, and even a refugee family from Afghanistan.

Mealhada is famous for roasted suckling pig (Leitão à Bairrada). Month-old suckling pigs, spit roasted. Yes, I know not everyone approves. It’s supposed to be very good.

We shared the restaurant for our evening meal with a bus full of British military members on a tour of Portugal.

Day 11 Photos

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