SS Son of R-392

The Collins R-864 (XC-1)/URR Mobile HF Communications Receiver.  This information was intially discovered by Dave Merrill and supplemented by Norm Dreschel, WA3KEY.   

Why such speculation? About the time of the last R392 contracts, Collins produced a new mobile HF receiver. The new receiver, R864, looks like it uses power/audio connectors similar to those on the R392, and is is also designed for vehicular use on 28 volts DC. Many of the knobs and the Veeder-Root mechanical frequency display are also reminiscent of the R392. 

R-392 and R-864  (S/N 2) together. Photo by Dave Merrill 

R-392 and R-864 (S/N 1) together.  Photo by Norm, WA3KEY

Nameplate Detail for S/N 1

The R864, though as heavy as the R392, is solid-state (except for two 26-series tubes in the front end) and has provisions for USB reception and phase-locking the frequency on 1 KHz increments.

Dave has noticed that both of the tubes that were supposed to be in the front end have been replaced by diamond-shaped copper pieces with TO-18 sockets.   Components include a few RCA 2N1225 transistors, small caps and 1/8 watt resistors.  Norm's still has the two 26ZF5 tubes in place.

Norm has S/N 1; Dave had S/N 2.   Does anyone else have a R-864?