The RFSpace Cloud-IQ is a 14-bit SDR with an ethernet interface and two modes of operation.

The first mode of operation sends I-Q data at sample rates up to 1.8 Msps to SDR processing software on local computers.

The second mode of operation demodulates signals within the radio, and sends only compressed audio and control data over lower bandwidth connections. The remote clients (Windows and Mac RemoteSDRclient, Android SdrAnywhere) can connect to the radios over local area networks or the internet. The following figure shows the Android version of SdrAnywhere connected to the radio over my local area wireless network.

The radio works well and sounds great using both the local and remote client software.

As of September 2020, the Cloud-IQ is out of stock and not available. The replacement CloudSDR (MSRP $1499) is listed as not yet available.

SDRAnywhere on my Android phone