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Software Radio Laboratory, LLC QS1R

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           Thu Feb 4, 2016 2:27 pm (PST) . Posted by:    phil_at_vhmi

The replacement for the QS1R will have an Ethernet interface instead of USB. It will also have a larger FPGA. For Skimmer Server users that means at least 10 receivers. That is providing that Alex, VE3NEA is willing to make it work in Skimmer Server over Ethernet instead of USB. There will be various other interesting capabilities since it will also have an ARM9 CPU that runs Linux. Target price is $499. 
Thu Feb 4, 2016 2:36 pm (PST) . Posted by:    "Alex, VE3NEA" alshovk
This is really great news! I will do my best to support this radio in CW and RTTY Skimmer Servers.

Further discussion in the QS1R group indicates that the radio should support "direct" reception (using the computer only for display, similar to the RFSpace Cloud-IQ), and that it may support up to 14 simultaneous skimmer receivers.  Slated for availability in March, 2016

 The Software Radio Laboratory QS1R is a high performance direct sampling software defined radio (SDR) that covers 10 kHz to 62.5 MHz.  SDRMAXV software is provided by the manufacturer via electronic download.  Up to date source code access is available to users who sign a NDA.  SDRMAXV is implemented as a client-server application, with a non-GUI server and a full-featured GUI client.  It builds and runs well under Linux, MacOS, and Microsoft Windows.  There is also now a simpler SDRMAX_Remote_Basic client that foregoes the spectrum analyzer and waterfall displays in return for much lower CPU usage.  It is one sweet receiver in my humble opinion.

The QS1R front and rear panels

SDRMAXIV Beta Screenshot

Third party software, like CW Skimmer and Skimmer Server, can also load code into the QS1R FPGA for execution.  Skimmer Server, for example, can run up to 7 independent receiver chains simultaneously within the QS1R.  The QS1R frequency can also be controlled via the CW Skimmer telnet interface.  Guenael Jouchet's qs1r-multirelay software loads similar code into the FPGA to allow recording 7 audio channels. 

SDRMAX_Remote_Basic under Fedora Core 17

I route the QS1R DAC output via a Pyle PHA-15 to a Falcon F251A-0301 Audio Distribution Amplifier and then to my choice of classic Hammarlund, Hallicrafters, and other boatanchor radio speakers.  This doesn't affect potential use of the audio via the computer sound card, since that path goes through the USB cable.  The QS1R sounds as good or better than my other communications receivers.

A Clifton Laboratories Z10042A RF amplifier is used to improve sensitivity above 20 MHz.

Additional information may be found at the QS1R Wiki.