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SRR General Characteristics

The RCA SRR-11, 12, 13 and 13A were designed for general shipboard use by the U.S. Navy. Two related series of receivers, the FRR-21/22/23 for fixed use and the MRR-1/2/3 for mobile use, are very similar in design and appearance. The more specialized FRR-18 and 19 used crystal controlled local oscillators. The receivers were manufactured by RCA and Magnavox (for RCA) from 1949 through 1960.

All receivers in the series are dual conversion superhets, with IF frequencies of 60 and 200 KHz for the SRR-11 and 200 and 1600 KHz for the SRR-12, 13 and 13A. Both the SRR-11 and 12 revert to single conversion (200 KHz IF) for 3 of their 5 bands; the SRR-13/13A are always dual conversion. The SRR-11 has 28 tubes; the 12 and 13 have 29 each. The frequency coverage, over 5 bands, of each model is:

    Model         Low          High
SRR-11 14 600 KHz
SRR-12 0.25 8 MHz
SRR-13 2 32 MHz