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by Josh Rovero, KK1D

Last updated: December 17, 2016

The RCA SRR-13A is a dual conversion superhet that covers 2.0 to 32 MHz. It uses 29 tubes that are soldered into removable modules, not plugged into sockets in the conventional manner. The radio is unusual not only for its highly modular construction, but for a an optically projected frequency readout. It weighs 69 pounds but seems heavier.....

Jerry Proc has some data related to SRR/FRR use in the Canadian Navy.

Some closely related FRR/MRR/SRR VLF, MF, and HF receivers.

Not related (closely, anyway) to the multiple rack, two ton FRR-24, FRR-37, or FRR-10.

Lots of information on US Navy receivers of the 1950's and 1960's at Nick K4NYW's web site.


  1. NAVSHIPS 91875A, Technical Manual for Radio Receiving Sets AN/SRR-11, AN/SRR-12, AN/SRR-13 and AN/SRR-13A, 2 October 1953 w/ changes through 20 July 1961. (NAVELEX 0967-LP-115-2010)
  2. NAVSHIPS 92211, Technical Manual for Radio Receiving Sets AN/FRR-21, AN/FRR-22 and AN/FRR-23, Change 1.
  3. "Communications Receivers, The Vacuum Tube Era 1932-1981", 3rd Edition, by Raymond S. Moore
  4. Contributors...

AN/FRR-23 (courtesy Jon Pevner) 

 AN/FRR-21 VLF Receiver, S/N 300. (courtesy Kazu Okunishi)

The pile of manuals. (courtesy Kazu Okunishi)

The elusive CG-1101/FRR test cable.

AN/FRR-21 Dial Close-up. 14-600 KHz in 5 bands.

AN/SRR-11 projected dial closeup (courtesy Tom Norris)

Perspective view of the SRR-13. 62K GIF.

Labelled front panel view of the SRR-13. 86K GIF.

Additional SRR series reciever images from Google Image Search

The Holy Grail! The CG-1101/SRR Test Cable

Tuning capacitor coupler repair

Replacement Parts? Some are still made by the oringal companies! For others, make your own!

Pesky Switch Arms, hard to find parts used in mode and band switch linkages.  

Lots of rack mount radios have dull, lifeless handles that are merely screwed into the front panel.   Not SRR-13's!   They have kinetic handles with handle gears.   What the heck are handle gears?   Why, the gears that gently extract the radio from the case when you rotate the front handles upward.   And when those handle gears wear out, buy some original replacement parts.

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